Denyque Dontre – Make Me Believe You Remix

Denyquebio2The video for Denyque’s still-rising single Make Me Believe You – shot, directed & edited by the very talented RD Studios JA – was premiered on TVJ’s Entertainment Report last Friday; and was virally released the following Sunday on her YouTube Channel. The video is fast making its way onto other local television programs as well as viral media.The song, which was produced by Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, became an instant crowd pleaser when it was released in February this year.

“A lot of people tell me that Make Me Believe You shows another side of me that they’ve never seen before. Honestly, working with Stephen is really inspiring and I definitely enjoyed making this track. I think that’s what people feel, the fun I had writing and recording this song with Di Genius,” Denyque said.

Denyque has been working the single into her performances as well, receiving rave reviews for the tune and Make Me Believe You regularly finds its way into the sets of popular radio DJs. “I think RD Studios really outdid themselves on the production of this video. The concept was challenging to bring to life in a way that wasn’t corny, but still relatable. I looove working with RD, not just because we’re friends but because we connect. They’re a crew of very creative and artistic individuals and that seals it for me.”

Make Me Believe You Remix Audio

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